Link between neuroscience and beauty to be key theme at 2017 GWS

Wellness woman

This year’s Global Wellness Summit will delve into the emerging connections between neuroscience, beauty and wellness.

A key topic at the conference – which will be held in Florida in October – will be the science behind beauty and its emotional impact, an emerging area of research.

There will be keynotes from three experts on the neuroscience of beauty – Dr Anjan Chatterjee, professor of neurology at The University of Pennsylvania and chair of neurology at Pennsylvania Hospital, Nancy Etcoff, assistant clinical professor at Harvard Medical School and psychologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Psychiatry; and Dr Lisa Ishii, chief quality officer for clinical best practices for the Johns Hopkins Health System and senior medical director for clinical integration in the Office of Johns Hopkins Physicians.

Dr Chaterjee will present findings from a new research project undertaken with the Global Wellness Summit, which looks at biases against people with facial disfigurements and how to best overcome them, as well as the concepts that best bridge beauty and wellness in order to develop practical operations to resonate with consumers.