New products: Carita

Carita is adding new products to its Progressif Néomorphose skincare range, originally introduced in January.

The anti-ageing collection is divided into several subsections, including Resurfacing, Filling, Restoring and Clarity, and it’s the products in the Clarity grouping that have now arrived.

The three Clarity products include the Fundamental Clarity Essence, a light, radiance-boosting serum designed to hydrate and improve skin tone.

Actives include orange and lemon to brighten and sugar maple extract to refine skin texture.

There is also a second serum, the Fundamental Clarity Serum, designed to tackle pigmentation clusters, even skin tone and combat dark spots.

The moisturiser in this segment of the Progressif Néomorphose collection is the Fundamental Clarity Cream.

The cream draws on ingredients including actyl-C and white mulberry extract to supress melanin production and minimise pigmentation and dark spots, and is said to add luminosity and help smooth the skin.