New website created to allow salons to sell memberships

Membership website MakeMeBe is launching an app designed to increase customer retention and loyalty for salons by allowing them to sell packages of repeated treatments to registered members.

Members pay a recurring monthly fee (via the app) to a chosen salon in return for a fixed number of treatments within a given month – enabling the salon to have its own tailor-made loyalty programme.

The chosen salon then receives the monthly payments, with an agreed commission fee for the site. The idea is that this will generate a regular monthly income and higher customer retention rate for the salon.

MakeMeBe defines the contents of the salon packages sold and sets the pricing levels appropriate to the local market – making them competitively prices to attract new clients and tempt existing ones.

The company said in a statement, “We understand that our members want different things from their beauty experience, and at MakeMeBe we have developed our salons to meet these needs. They are helping our members get the most out of our wider range of products and services.”