New sustainable mountain retreat Forestis to focus on forest therapy

Located in South Tyrol, North Italy, the Forestis mountain retreat offers guests “peace as a new luxury” with panoramic views of the UNESCO world heritage Dolomites.

Set to open in May 2020, spa treatments at the Forestis retreat have been inspired by the local woodland surroundings and the principle of four native trees; mountain pine, spruce, larch and swiss pine.

The treatments are based on actives found in the wood varieties, and body treatments include the use of wooden massage sticks that release different frequencies to create balance.

Forest themed retreats are also on offer throughout the year, including ‘Future Walking’, that takes guests on a journey of self-discovery as they walk through the local woodland. The retreat also offers various outdoor pursuits year-round, including skiing, hiking, biking and ‘Wyda’, a movement theory of the Celctic Druids that is akin to yoga. 

South Tyrolean architect Armin Sader and the Forestis interior team have re-interpreted the original architecture of the site to create a CO2-neutral construction with native materials, while energy for the retreat is 100% renewably sourced.

Owners Teresa Unterthiner and Stefan Hinteregger said: “We have conceived Forestis as a refuge for relaxation and a place for strength, for people all over the world, in the place we have been fortunate enough to call home. We want to share the beauty of the mountains, climate, water, air and sun to enrich our guests’ wellbeing and this space of power that can be felt, experienced and seen.”

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