Nimue Skin Technology launches 12 Week Challenge to help boost clients’ skin confidence

Derma-cosmeceutical brand Nimue Skin Technology is launching a 12 Week Challenge campaign that aims to give clients’ a new found self-confidence.  

The challenge, inspired by the popular #nomakeup trend, helps women achieve the skin they’ve always wanted through a programme that combines professional treatments with a specially-designed home care regime. 

Each 12 Week Challenge kit includes seven Nimue products, TDS Serums and a voucher for four professional treatments, and the programme is suitable for all skin types. 

“Completing the challenge as directed by a Nimue therapist should give clients a new-found confidence in their complexion, as flawless skin should be all the make-up you need. We’re even seeing brides across the globe proudly go foundation-free on their big day,” says Victoria Sargeson, brand manager for Nimue, which is distributed by Sweet Squared.

UK salons that participate can expect to see a growth in Nimue clients, says the brand, as the campaign is designed to both attract and convert new clients to the range, with a saving to be made on the combined cost of treatments and home care. 

Distributor Sweet Squared will also be offering salons support with marketing and digital advertising, as well as rebates for each new client acquired. 

If you’re interesting in stocking the brand, visit Sweet Squared’s website, or you can learn more about the campaign here