Nimue Skin Technology launches Nimue-SRC and Neutraliser Plus

Nimue Skin Technology has launched the Nimue-SRC skin resurfacing complex, designed to give radiance to clients suffering with dull and tired skin. Available in three skin classifications – Environmentally Damaged, Hyperpigmented and Problematic – it uses a combination of acids to offer superficial resurfacing of the skin.

By stimulating epidermal growth and removing the outer, most damaged layers of skin, inflammation and downtime is reduced, enabling the skin to restore itself much faster. The Nimue-SRC can be used in all peel and resurfacing treatments and a skin analysis is conducted beforehand to define the client’s skin classification.

The brand also advises using its Neutraliser Plus with the SRC as a dual treatment because it helps slow down the process of pH change, minimising irritation. Treatment time varies between 45–60-minutes and Nimue says there is no downtime afterwards.

For more information contact Nimue Skin Technology on 020 3627 0484