Nail tutorial: How to do ombré nails

Q: Which method is best for creating ombré nails?

There are many ways to create a vertical ombré effect on nails but I’m going to share my favourite.

Before starting the design, check you have the right tools. I recommend using a square flat brush, which can be synthetic, sable or a mix, as this will give the smoothest fade.

After prepping nails, apply foundation, cure and then dry brush. Next, choose two contrasting colours to create your ombré effect; for example, pastel pink and white.

Dip one corner of your brush into the softer colour (pink) and the other into the bolder colour (white). Remember, the bolder colour is the more dominant one and that means it can overtake the softer shade, so use less of it on your brush.

For a vertical blend, start brushing the nail from the cuticle to free edge. The first layer will be very thin, so don’t try to create the look in one go; it will take four to five layers to get the best effect. Cure, reload your brush and repeat.

Every time you add another layer, take your brush a little more into the pink side so that you get the correct amount of each colour. Keep repeating the steps until you have enough depth of colour and a smooth blend. Apply a top coat, cure and then cleanse.

You could even apply an optional layer of fine glitter as this helps disguise any colour that hasn’t blended as well.

Georgie SmedleyGeorgie Smedley is director of Nail Harmony UK, which distributes Gelish and manufacturers All That Jazz.