Original FX Mayr introduces Body Balance

The Original FX Mayr Health Centre in Austria is introducing a new wellness programme this month.

The Body Balance programme, which fuses yoga, meditation and fitness, is an addition to the cure that is at the core of the FX Mayr concept and for which the centre is famous.

Body Balance was devised to add an element of exercise to the detox-focused Mayr method, incorporating indoor and outdoor yoga sessions to help with the achy joints and limbs that can be a result of the detox process.

Guests on the Body Balance programme are also be able to participate in a workshop on healthy cuisine, and receive a tailormade workout plan, as well as a yoga DVD, to help them continue the healthy lifestyle once they return home.

Located on Lake Wörthersee in Austria, the Original FX Mayr Health Centre opened in 1976 and is centred around the Mayr philosophy on nutrition.

Focused on gut health, the Mayr philosophy looks at digestion as the key to wellbeing, emphasising “targeted fasting”, healthy organic ingredients and chewing your food properly.