Oxygen-infused facials: how they work and why to invest in them

Published 06th May 2022 by PB Admin
Oxygen-infused facials: how they work and why to invest in them

Do you want to plump clients’ skin from the inside out, resulting in super results where lines are smoothed, wrinkles plumped, and the complexion left completely glowy? Then, you need to invest in the Oxyjet Leo Deluxe

Used in locations such as The Wellness Clinic in Harrods, London, and for good reason, it draws on the power of pure, concentrated oxygen with a full skin rejuvenation system, encompassing numerous tools which allow you to create a truly bespoke experience with outstanding results for every client.

How does the Oxyjet Leo Deluxe work?

The high-tech system enhances skin treatments in numerous ways, but most notably the unique Oxyjet pressure pulsed system – a patented tool proven to deliver oxygen and active ingredients deep into the dermal layer.

In scientific tests, this process was proven up to 60 times more effective than a surface application because it allows the active ingredients to unfold their benefits where they prove most productive.

The needle-free method is completely painless for the client and requires absolutely no downtime. It may be used incorporated into any facial treatment to encourage a radiant glow, however, it’s the targeted treatments that yield some of the most impressive results. 

Who is suitable for the treatment?

Suitable for all skin types, the technology uses oxygen from the cleansing stage onwards with the Oxyclear tool for a deep cleanse, with bio blue light calming the skin throughout and supporting the antibacterial effects of the oxygen, while a blank canvas is prepared for the remainder of the treatment. 

In a similar way, the oxygen microdermabrasion tool – the Oxydiamond, also sees skin benefits from the anti-irritant impact the pure oxygen has on the skin. 

Coupled with the correct skincare formulation, this skin rejuvenation system can be used to successfully treat problematic skin and pigmentation issues where courses of treatments see exceptional results. Even the most sensitive of skin responds well to Oxyjet treatments thanks to use of blue LED light and the calming and soothing effects of the pure oxygen. 

The anti-ageing capabilities of the system are also impressive, as the blood flood delivering oxygen to the skin becomes less effective with age. The treatment utilises concentrated oxygen to re-energise cells, encouraging the cell regeneration process. 

Other modalities include the Oxytone, also known as “The Oxygen Face Lift” – a tool with uses stimulating red LED light with a poly-rotational massage to tighten facial muscles and skin tissue.

For further information about the Oxyjet Leo Deluxe visit the Oxyjet website or call 01775722243.  

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 06th May 2022

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