Oxygenating facials: the latest developments and technologies

Introducing a luxurious facial treatment for mature skin that provides a firming effect and enhanced hydration, based on premium ingredients.

Geneo OxyPods combine groundbreaking concepts in biology, chemistry and technology within one little capsule. The active ingredients are stored in their suspended state, activated only in reaction with the unique Geneo primer gel.

The new Geneo Glam OxyPod’s pure gold flakes activate the basal cells within the skin, reducing the breakdown of elastin and restoring skin elasticity. 

With their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and reflective properties, the gold flakes aid the reduction of skin redness and protect against free radicals while providing skin brightening effects.

Furthermore, they provide the addition of visibly lifting and firming the skin to restore a radiant and refreshed complexion. 

Combined with the pure gold flakes are silk amino acids and carnosine peptide. Silk amino acids, obtained from the cocoon of the silkworm, are easily absorbed and bond with the skin keratin, preventing moisture loss within the skin. The preservation properties enhance skin elasticity to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

The carnosine peptide provides a powerful efficiency against skin damaging infrared (IR) radiation of the sun, further reversing skin aging by reducing the “sleeping” (senescent) cells, which remain and continue to release chemicals that can trigger inflammation. This peptide further accelerates healing of the skin’s surface, wounds and burns.

Created to complement the oxypods by providing unique benefits that integrate into an effective treatment, Geneo+ Glam Serum contains active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and rosehip oil with vitamins C and A, marula oil and phytospherix.

All in all, Geneo Glam OxyPod takes mature skin towards a new level of rejuvenation, restoring its tone, vitality and radiance.

How does Geneo + by Pollogen work? 

By adopting medically established technologies, the Geneo+ offers clinicians the opportunity of effective treatments through encouraging the natural processes of skin rejuvenation. 

The power of natural oxygenation and the anti-aging effect of tripollar radiofrequency, both further enhanced by ultrasound, offers aestheticians the valuable advantages of immediately visible skin improvement and long-term rejuvenating effects for clients. 

The unique treatment protocol is based on the innovative OxyPod capsule, which combines active ingredients together with the exfoliating and oxygenating elements.

By using the OxyPod, the clinician both prepares the skin for treatment and infuses the active ingredients in a single action, ensuring a safe and highly effective result. 

All Geneo+ treatments can be offered to a wide variety of skin types, ages and needs, making it a perfect solution for ongoing maintenance of the skin, for targeted treatment of specific skin conditions, and for maintenance and enhancement of skin improvement following a surgical procedure.    

For details on how to bring the power of Geneo+ treatments into your business, contact Advanced Esthetics Solutions

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