PB London speaker on making your clinic stand out from the competition

How can I make my clinic stand out from competitors?

Number one, you need to understand the difference between copying a business and admiring one. Admiration should inspire you to follow your own ideas, think outside the box and, more importantly, be brave. As a business owner, I’ve had times when things have been slow and it seems everyone else is on the fast track to becoming the next big thing. It’s at those moments that it would be easy to cling on to others’ supposed success and copy it, but that’s not the answer.

Plus, clients need to feel they have made a connection with your business because we buy from people we like – so find your personality. For example, if you love colour and art why have an all-white clinic like everyone else? Create your vision.

Secondly, consider your audience. This seems simple but is often overlooked and it’s because, in our minds, everyone should want to be our customer. The key is to align your services, ambiance and experience to match your potential customers.

Thirdly, are you a Jack of all trades, master of none? While you might feel having lots of different treatments casts a wider net for potential customers it can also dilute your brand. Being known as the best at something means you will have customers seeking you out. Focus on your strengths and become the best you can be.

Emma Bennett is owner of Advanced Facialist, based at the Amida Spa in London’s Chelsea Harbour Club, and founder of The Therapist Finishing School in Fulham.

Bennett will be talking about the benefits of mixing treatments in her talk "Combining treatments for best individual results" as part of the Aesthetic Treatments programme at PB London on February 27, 2pm. Book your place here for only £5 per session.