PB meets Sara Palmer Hussey, creator of Lumity

Sara Palmer Hussey speaks to PB about an inside-out approach to ageing and shares some tips on improving health

What are the latest trends in anti-ageing?

I think anti-ageing has traditionally been all about getting rid of wrinkles, but, if customers are anything like me, they want a more global approach: It’s great to discover healthier skin when you look in the mirror, but actually the bulk of your daily experience is based on how you feel more than how you look. Ageing rears its head in the form of low energy levels, a weaker immune system, poor quality of sleep, hormonal imbalances, low stamina… when the anti-ageing market targets all of these issues and supports healthier skin at the same time, for example in a product like Lumity, then you can really start changing the way you feel on a day-to-day basis. Improving the way customers feel and not just the way they look is the new anti-ageing trend.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the market? 

I think the biggest challenge is also the biggest opportunity and it revolves around changing the way we view ageing. There is a new movement called #rockyourage and I hope this will not only spearhead a new direction in marketing “anti-ageing” products but will also influence the whole beauty sector. Beauty is not about a particular age, a particular look or a particular shape, it’s about authenticity and confidence, it has personality and it has passion. I see the image of Lumity, for example, as a snapshot of a vibrant woman in action in the midst of her day, probably juggling too many commitments between family and work, but with Lumity’s support, she has the health, energy and enthusiasm she needs to relish the life she is living – she looks strong and happy and that’s the new face of beauty. The health and beauty market needs to celebrate and support its customers into being their best expression rather than making them feel not good enough somehow by targeting and amplifying their insecurities.

What are clients looking for from nutritional supplements?

I think more than ever customers want to feel and see tangible results. A lot of people certainly do still pop a multi-vitamin as a sort of insurance policy to cover any possible deficiencies, but there is also a more studied approach emerging too. There is a growing trend towards self-care, taking responsibility for one’s own health and making informed choices, identifying a particular health or beauty need and choosing a specific supplement to meet that need. Nutritional supplements now straddle both the health and beauty sectors and so customers’ choices reflect the needs of both sectors.

What is the most common mistake you see people making when trying a nutritional supplement?

Most people usually take supplements in an inconsistent manner and with most supplements this can be a wise approach as they frequently contain megadoses of nutrients in the erroneous belief that if a little is good for you, a lot is even better - this is not the case. The body is a finely-tuned orchestra of synchronised systems perpetuated through balance and efficiency. Both excess and deficit tip the body off balance, while ageing grinds down the body’s efficiency. 

Lumity's formula is very carefully calibrated. We use small doses of vitamins and minerals working within teams of nutrients that are not specifically targeting deficiencies but rather gently and cumulatively supporting the efficiency of certain processes in the body, which are crucial to maintaining health through the years. This approach acknowledges the body's superior intelligence and strengthens the ways the body itself counterbalances on-going damage through protection and repair.

Another common mistake is to expect overnight results. While fast results are possible, for example with Lumity we often see fast results especially on markers such as energy, it is, however, always a very personal journey characterised by cumulative results. The longer you take LUMITY, for example, the more benefits your body can accrue, building upon ever higher levels of health, energy and wellbeing with each month that passes. As we all start Lumity from different levels of health and with our own individual biological profile, the way Lumity's benefits will manifest changes from person to person as does the rate at which these benefits become tangible. Some people feel the improvement in energy first, others sense that their sleep has taken on a new improved quality and they are waking more refreshed. Some notice a new strength and endurance, both physically and mentally. Others notice more balance and comment that they feel on a more even keel. Some notice that their skin, hair and nails are healthier and stronger, wounds heal much faster, and their friends are commenting on the change in their appearance. Others notice nothing for months and almost feel like Lumity is not working for them, but then they realise that they haven't been ill since they started Lumity while those around them have had seasonal coughs and colds and so they realise that their immune system has been strengthened.   

What’s your top tip for improving health?

Make balance your life mantra! A little stress is fine as long as it’s balanced with some restorative rest, relaxation and fun. Let’s not beat  ourselves up when we indulge in a little wine, chocolate or pizza every now and again if our usual diet is generally healthy and rich in fruit and vegetables. Give yourself permission to go AWOL every so often, switch off all digital devices and taste the freedom, especially if your sense of responsibility usually has you on call 24/7 even though you don’t work for the emergency services. Find your chill out switch and use it regularly, go out with friends, stay in with friends, have proper belly laughs as often as you can and if you’re going to be obsessive about exercise, prioritise getting enough quality sleep too.

What do you think makes Lumity so popular?

I think firstly women connect with the philosophy that the body knows best and a supplement’s role is to support the body rather than seek to correct it. Then, once people try Lumity and start to notice significant improvements, obviously it is these tangible benefits that keeps our customers happy and gets people talking about our product. It can be rare for a brand in the health and beauty sector to live up to its promises, but when it does, it creates excitement. Our popularity has definitely been born out of the buzz that word-of-mouth creates; when you see a friend radiating health and energy and you find out that her secret weapon is Lumity, that’s the best endorsement we could ever hope for and I love the thought that our best brand ambassadors are our customers.

Will you have anything new on your stand at the show?

We really want to showcase the true protagonists of our brand, namely our customers. We want to share as many of their stories as we can. The driving aim behind Lumity was to offer an effective nutritional support to the body that would bolster health and immunity, energy levels and stamina, while improving skin, nail and hair health, all so that we would really feel and look our best every day, cope with all the tasks we set ourselves and actually enjoy life more and thrive at the same time. We want to share the stories of how Lumity has really achieved this aim in so many of our customers’ lives.

Will you be running any special offers exclusive to the show?

We are giving customers who come to the stand a 20% discount card on every new purchase.

If you want to find more about Lumity’s supplements, visit them on stand Y67 at Professional Beauty, coming to ExCeL London on 26-27 February. Confirm your free ticket here.