PB Q&A with Amy Childs

How did you get started in beauty? 

I always knew I wanted to study beauty growing up so it’s never been a job for me it’s always been a passion. I started working at a Salon as a Saturday job when I was younger and I never looked back. I used to work 6 days a week if I could before TOWIE - I loved it then and I still do now.

What does the Amy Childs brand stand for?

Quality. I’m so funny about details and it took me about a year to just get my cream tan products right! As a qualified beautician my beauty products have to be a high standard. I want all my products to be both great quality and easy to use which is essential for both home and salon use.  

What inspired you to create these products?

I love my beauty products; I think any woman will say the same thing. I wanted to create a brand that provided quality for good money. Anyone that works in a Salon or has products at home will know how expensive it can be to get the best.


What is your most popular product and what do you think makes it popular?

All my products are very popular, which is what lead me to launch my own Amy Childs’ Academy. I think my tanning products do well as so many people know that because I’m a beautician and I own and work in my own salon I will always think about things as a salon owner / beautician - so I think there’s a trust there that comes with that.


Why should salons introduce your products to their clients? 

At the end of the day, anything I produce I make sure I research it, test it, I even try it myself first. I make sure that I can put my name on it and believe in it as both a beautician and a celebrity. I know about the beauty industry as a business and I also know what it’s like to work in a salon so I know both sides. I make sure that my products tick all the boxes for professionals out there and I’m really proud of my products.


What are you bringing to Professional Beauty North next weekend?

I’ll have a range of products including my tanning ranges, fragrances, Uniforms and info on my professional academy. I also have my general items like my rollers, eyelashes and of course my vajazzles! I can’t wait to see everyone and talk to people about my products. Pro Beauty North is great as alot of salon owners tried my products for the first time at the show and now are loyal customers. It’s great to actually talk to people and have them try the range first hand so they can see what it’s like.

Are you offering any show discounts to visitors?

I always offer great discounts and promotions across all my products and I change them each day so make sure to pop by my stand to see what we’re offering.  

What's your best beauty tip?
Look after your skin. Always take your makeup off and get into a good skincare regime. Regular facials as well are great to make sure that your skin stays healthy and flawless.

What does the future hold for Amy Childs

I would love to take the Amy Childs brand worldwide - that would be my dream! For the moment I have my business book coming out soon and my Autumn Winter fashion collection is launching on my website [www.amychildsofficial.co.uk] as well. Things are very busy but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Meet Amy Childs and her team on stand A51 at Professional Beauty North on 20-21 September at Manchester Central. Free tickets available here.