PB Webinars: how to use tech to boost your beauty business and an adult acne 101

This week’s PB Webinar line-up (June 8–12) promises an array of informative talks and presentations that will help you plan your beauty salon reopening successfully. 

Monday’s session will bring you some key learnings from salons that have already reopened in Dubai, covering the challenges they faced; while Wednesday’s talk will explain how you can embrace technology to gather and store data efficiently and help with social distancing safety measures when you open your doors again. 

We also have webinars that cover how to smash it on social media during and after lockdown, an everything you need to know about treating adult acne successfully in salon and advice for spas on the resources they should be using now to strengthen their reopening plan. 

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What to expect from this week’s PB Webinar line-up (June 8–12), which are all sponsored by software provider Timely:


Monday 8 June – 3pm – Live webinar with clinic owners from the UK and Dubai – “Preparing your salon or clinic for safe reopening (including learnings from Dubai)"

UK salons and clinics can learn a lot from other countries about how to prepare for a safe reopening. In this webinar, Yasmin Teimoori, owner of Morning Glory Health Club and Med Spa in Dubai, who has already reopened, will share her experiences and the lessons she's learned; while Sue Ali, owner of Endermospa clinic in the UK, will explain how she's preparing to safely reopen here. Laure Cordier, LPG expert trainer, will also share her knowledge on how to make your treatment space and protocols safe for your team and your clients.

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Tuesday 9 June – 11am– Live webinar with Kirsty Kianifard – “Bridging the gap to reopening: maximise the online learnings of lockdown to create a stronger business”

Getting your beauty salon or spa ready to reopen safely is extremely important. Kirsty Kianifard, owner of Uniquely Oragnic EcoSpa and wellness business coach, covers how to bridge the gap when reopening your beauty business, especially how to maximise on the array of informative online learnings available to pros during lockdown that will help to reopen your salon/spa stronger. There will be a 15-minute audience Q&A at the end. 

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Wednesday 10 June – 10am– Live webinar with Hollie Power and Lu Korth – “The beauty of consultations: how to use technology to maximise efficiency and safety"

Hollie Power, salon business coach and founder of Salonology, and Lu Korth, social media specialist at software company Timely, will explain how to embrace technology during the consultation process for salon or spa treatments to allow you to gather and store data efficiently and to help with social distancing safety measures on reopening. There will be a 15-minute audience Q&A at the end to get all your consultation questions answered.

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Thursday 11 June – 12pm – Live webinar with Al Tepper – “How to build a content strategy to smash it on social media”

Do you want to take your salon or spa’s social media to the next level? Al Tepper, founder of TepFu, will explain how to build a content strategy so you can smash it on social media. He will cover how to define your strategy through your wow, USP and avatar; how to create more content than ever thanks to The Matrix and Morgan Freeman; and how to avoid the dreaded “paralysis of perfection”, which often stops people publishing all the time. There will be a 15-minute audience Q&A at the end.

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Friday 12 June – 4pm – Instagram Live with Andy Millward – “Acne 101: everything you need to know for Acne Awareness Month”

Join our Instagram Live with aesthetician and facialist Andy Millward where we will talk all things adult acne for Acne Awareness Month. Millward will discuss the different types of acne, how to treat your clients accordingly, and how treating those with blemish-prone skin might change as clients wear more PPE such as masks. We will also be taking questions from the audience throughout the Live. 

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