Personalised nutrition emerging as the next big health and wellbeing trend

Personalised nutrition is set to be the next big thing in health and wellbeing, according to research from the organisers of global nutraceutical event Vitafoods Europe.

Experts in the field who have visited, or will visit, the show were asked what they think the most important future trends in nutrition will be.

More than a third (35%) identified personalised nutrition as an important trend for the next three years, believing the emergence of individualised dietary guidelines, wearable technology and personalised nutrition based on genetic testing will be behind the surge.

50% said scientifically supported health claims will also be a core trend – in the short and long term – with high-quality and evidence-based claims that meet regulatory requirements and consumer demand vitally important, the research showed.

Chris Lee, portfolio director of Vitafoods Europe, commented: When it comes to personalised nutrition, our research suggests we’re at the start of the curve. Areas such as wearable technology and genetic testing for nutrition may seem niche now, but one day they’ll be the norm.”

He continued: “The fact that half our visitors list scientifically supported health claims as an important trend reflects the close relationship between science and our industry."

Vitafoods Europe 2017 is a global nutraceutical event that features exhibitors from all over the world.