Specialist PPE, safety and cleaning equipment launched for beauty salons

With most UK beauty salons, spas and clinics now preparing to reopen on July 4 if the government's phased plan allows, a suite of products and equipment has been created to help clean salons and protect staff and clients.

While there is no single official Government list of the specific protections steps that beauty and spa service businesses must take in order to perform treatments, several useful back to work guides have been released by industry associations that are in close contact with Government. 

Many of these, along with Professional Beauty's salon guideline poster, suggest that additional equipment may be useful to protect both staff and clients from airborne germs. 

Currently salons are free to use their own judgement on the measures necessary but many are choosing to purchase masks, screens and additional cleaning equipment.

4 products to consider to help you prepare for reopening [sponsored content]:

Wagner Universal 690 Flexio Sprayer

Health, hygiene and cleanliness are key factors to personal wellbeing, so to help you create a safe haven for you and your clients, Wagner has launched the Wagner Universal 690 Flexio Sprayer. 

Due to the sudden outbreak of Covid-19, Wagner has turned its expertise to helping businesses protect themselves and their clients against the spread of this virus. 

The universal sprayer is designed for interior and exterior use, for disinfecting beauty salons, hairdressers, cosmetic studios and nail bars. Suitable for water-based disinfectant.
£169.99 including VAT
01327 368410  

DermaCo Countertop Screen Protector

DermaCo has launched a top-quality “sneeze guard”, made from transparent, rigid acrylic and aimed at salon reception areas and nail stations. 

This sturdy barrier is branded and designed by DermaCo and built locally. Dimensions are 1000mm W x 650mm H, minimum 4mm thick acrylic. It has a semi-circular hatch measuring 220mm W x 120mm H max.

It is designed to be easy to assemble, so both therapist and customer will feel at ease and comfortable during manicures, or during payment at reception. Salons can order directly from DermaCo’s online shop. Due to high demand, allow a minimum of seven days for delivery.
£82.50 + VAT. Free P&P 
01666 503570


Somer Health 3-ply disposable face mask

Somer Health is a family-run business of healthcare professionals who between them have over 40 years of clinical experience, including working for the National Health Service and pharmaceutical industry.

Its 3-ply disposable face mask has a three-layer protection system that decreases the transmission of germs and viruses.

The masks meet the EU standards necessary for sale to end users and are designed to be ideal for keeping at home or having just in time for when salon, spa and clinic businesses reopen.
£30 for a box of 50

Barrier Healthcare Face Shield

This high-quality Face Shield fits securely over the head with a broad elastic band, ensuring it is comfortable to wear for long periods.

Easy to clean and maintain, it is designed to be an ideal stable mate to Barrier Healthcare's other PPE products such as Masks (FFP2 and surgical), latex and non-latex gloves, aprons, sanitisers in various sizes and many other products.
£2.85 each
01427 787828

For more coronavirus advice, check our Coronavirus Support Guide to help navigate your business through lockdown and reopening.