Professional Beauty and Hairdressers Journal International Awards launching Winter 2020!

The Awards will be part of a fabulous weekend which includes an exhibition featuring leading industry brands, a comprehensive education programme covering business skills, trends for 2021 and the latest in technologies and advanced treatments as well as nails, tanning and make-up. And a host of competitions and workshops to give you a head start for a new year.

The Professional Beauty and Hairdressers Journal International Awards offer fantastic opportunities for you and your business. Here’s why you should think about entering!...

1. Set yourself apart from the competition When applying for a new role, client or investor, having a professional award could give you the extra edge you deserve, enabling you to stand out from competitors.

2. Increase your credibility and reputation Having an award in your salon or business gives your team pride in what they do ultimately boosting motivation levels. A professional award is a great sign of quality, business recognition and leads FREE positive promotion.

3. Networking opportunities with the best in the business Attending the show weekend, ceremony and education will give you plenty of opportunities to meet other industry business leaders enabling you to put your best business foot forward.

4. Elevate your career Having the shiny silverware in your salon, business or on social media allows you to experience exposure on a different level. This could lead you to new career leads, collaborations, training or consultancy work.

5. Raise your profile Winning an industry award allows you and your business to be recognised as a successful employer as well as being one of the best in the business. An Award could be the key to attracting staff as well as clients.

Details on how to enter will be available in early 2020!

If you have any questions please email the Professional Beauty and Hairdressers Journal International Awards team on -