The PB show team tried: Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse by St. Tropez

Name of product:  Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse

Brand: St. Tropez

Skin type: All skin types

USP: A natural and healthy looking tan that lasts for days. The lightweight mousse is easy to apply and quick-drying, with no self-tan smell. It also doesn’t fade.

Type of product:  Self-tan mousse

Product purpose:  Fake tan that lasts for up to 10 days

Application process: 
The product is in a cylinder shaped bottled with a dispenserand top. The dispenser makes the mousse application smooth and easy, with one push giving out enough product to cover one entire area of the body. I exfoliated and moisturised my body my skin the night before to get it tan ready. The next day I applied the mousse with the St. Tropez tanning mitt and massaged it into my skin using circular motions.

Post-product application: 
The dark coloured mousse had a very light and liquid-based texture. It was easily bendable, didn’t leave any streaks and had a nice perfumed smell.

After I applied the mousse, it quickly absorbed into the skin and even as I slept it didn’t really transfer onto my bed sheets.

After showering, my skin felt moisturised and had a healthy glow. The tan stayed on as promised and faded very equally.

Overall review: 
The packaging of the product is perfect. The colouring of the bottle is mainly white, with a bit of blue and black, which would look great in any beauty and tanning salon.

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