Professional Spa & Wellness North speaker in the spotlight: Marion Hayden

In the lead-up to the second annual Professional Spa & Wellness North conference, taking place as part of Professional Beauty North at Manchester Central on September 20-21, we chat to one of the conference speakers, Marion Hayden - spa manager at Oceo Spa at Ireland’s Seafield Golf & Spa Hotel.

What made you want to speak as part of the Social media strategies to retain and grow your existing customer base panel discussion?
I wanted to speak on this topic because I have seen first-hand how social media can be used to help grow your business and also how it allows you to directly connect with existing customers, in an informal manner. I want to pas on the knowledge I have gained through the growth of our own social media channels to others in our industry, so they can begin to fully understand and utilise social media. I know from my own experience that it can be used to grow your customers base and create new revenue opportunities.

What do you plan to cover during the session?
I will be looking at our social media activity here at Oceo Spa, discussing our successes but also any difficulties we have faced up to this point. I will be framing the discussion under the following headings:

What do you hope delegates will take away from the session?
I hope attendees will see how we have utilised social media to grow our business here at Oceo Spa and that it will demonstrate to those who are unsure of the importance of social media how it can be used in a positive way. I hope it will give them examples of how to interact with customers, how to understand and evaluate how successful the social media interaction has been and how to use these insights to improve customers’ perception of your business, both online and offline.

What are the most important elements events such as Professional Spa & Wellness North add to the industry?
Events such as Professional Spa & Wellness North allows those who are experienced in the trade to freely share their success stories and experiences to help those who are starting out in the business or who are struggling in some area of the industry. They give those who are more experienced the opportunity to educate others in the business; helping them to, for example, eliminate areas of their business that may not be working, and enlighten them as to why they didn’t work. For those with less experience, or facing difficulties, it offers the opportunity to become more successful and to improve in areas where they are currently struggling. 

The Social media strategies to retain and grow your existing customer base panel debate is at 11am on Monday September 21
To view the full Professional Spa & Wellness North programme, or book a pass to the conference, taking place as part of Professional Beauty North at the Manchester Central exhibition centre on September 20-21, click here