The business advice to use in your salon, by Liz McKeon

Published 16th Jan 2023 by PB Admin
The business advice to use in your salon, by Liz McKeon

Liz McKeon

Salon business expert

Liz McKeon, salon business expert, is the 'go to' person in business development in the hair and beauty industry. We sat down to find out more about her top tips for therapists and salon businesses! With this Q&A session you can get a better insight what to use in your salon this year!

What are the most common mistakes you see salon owners making?

Not allocating time to work on their business, as well as in the business.

What would your top piece of advice be to someone who is thinking of starting their own hair or beauty business?

Go for it! But before you do, come on my workshops, read my book, download my webinars, and make sure to start your salon with the correct business structures and strategies in place.

What do clients report as the most common problem they face whilst running a business and how would you advise them?

The two most common problems they face whilst running a business tend to be managing cashflow and managing people. My advice is know your numbers, as though your life depends on this, and have an effective recruitment system in place so you can surround yourself with the best people possible.

With so many salons to choose from, what do you feel is key to encouraging customer loyalty?

To focus on providing outstanding customer service, demanding 100% effort from yourself and your team. Make sure every customer leaves feeling happy, looking forward to returning and happy to recommend you.  

What do you feel have been the most significant changes in the industry in recent years?

I think consumer awareness is the biggest change. The customer does her research, know what she wants and won't settle for anything less.

Having an online presence has become hugely important in recent years. Do you think this has completely overtaken the need for print advertising or is this something salons should still invest in?

For any business to survive, an investment in marketing is an absolute must, both online and offline. While an online presence is hugely important, traditional marketing activities still have a place in the marketing mix.

How can salons reduce ‘no-shows’ and last minute cancellations?

Confirm on the double......send a text message 48 hours in advance. Follow up with a call 24 hours prior to appointment and speak to each client to confirm booking. This takes a little longer, but well worth the effort because cancellations and no shows have a serious negative impact on your bottom line.

Where can we find out more about the services you offer?

Just go to, or call my office 00353 1 8928007.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 16th Jan 2023

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