Removing a client’s bad self-tan job

Self tan gone wrong

Q: What’s the best way to rectify a client’s bad self-tan job in salon?

Knowing how to repair a self-tan gone wrong is one of tanning specialists’ best-kept secrets but, unfortunately, it’s not a quick job.

The most effective way to remove a client’s bad home tan is by first getting as much of the colour off the skin as possible. If you offer exfoliation treatments in salon then recommend your client books in for one as it’s the best way to speed up the fading process.

If not, advise your client to exfoliate before coming in to see you to get the colour as even as possible. They should have a good soak in the bath, followed by an exfoliation with an oil-based product – those with citric acid are most effective because it’s a natural lightener and exfoliator.

You should also explain to your client that coming to a professional guarantees a stress-free, flawless glow and that as a fully trained specialist you can offer a bespoke service, tailoring the tan to suit their skin tone and lifestyle.

Maintaining the spray tan properly after treatment will also help avoid streaks in future applications, so make sure your clients use exfoliating gloves in the shower every two to three days and invest in an oil-free moisturiser.

Lucy Jones headshot Lucy Jones is education manager for UK distributor Natalie Roche, which distributes professional tanning brand Xen-Tan. She has 16 years’ industry experience.