Resense partners with EarthCheck to develop spa benchmarking for sustainability

A new system that allows spas to be benchmarked based on their commitment to sustainability is the first project underway following a partnership between Resense and EarthCheck.

Spa consultancy and management company Resense partnered with sustainability advisory group EarthCheck to provide advisory services to encourage sustainable spa and wellness resort operation and development. 

One of the first projects will be to enhance EarthCheck's flagship product - a benchmarking and certification system.

EarthCheck is a scientific benchmarking certification and advisory group for travel and tourism. Resense will provide the travel advisory company with operational data from its spas and form part of the EarthCheck Research Institutes peer review process. 

Resense chief executive Kasha Shillington said she had been in talks with EarthCheck for four years about developing its benchmarking to fully encompass the spa market, and added: “EarthCheck have been engaging the visitor economy for the past 30 years and we recognise that by combining our expertise we can further enhance our wellness initiatives to ensure the spas we create and support are not only commercially sustainable, but are sustainable for the environment too.”

For over 30 years, the combined efforts of the two companies have been committed to supporting the growth of the wellness industry, the destinations and infrastructure which host spa and wellness resorts, and encouraging increased levels of sustainable development and operating practices. 

Stewart Moore, chief executive and founder of EarthCheck, said, “This partnership provides opportunities to work with leading spas and wellness destinations globally, to help lower environmental impact and operational costs, while supporting local communities.”