Restival Sahara to take place in Morocco in November

Wellness fest Restival has announced its second event in Morocco, Restival Sahara, taking place in November. 

Following the popular launch festival in Morocco last year, Restival will return to the country for two stints later in the year: November 10-15 and November 18-23.

The wellbeing-focused festival will feature everything from yoga and mediation, to writing and rug weaving workshops. Other elements will include campfire stories told by local storytellers and ‘gong baths’, with the instrument played by gong master Leo Cosendale.

There will also be a series of ‘The Art of” workshops, covering topics ranging from nutrition, love and good sleep to relationships, conversation and disconnection. 

Yoga options will include Vinyasa flow and Jivamukti yoga, taught by yoga teacher Gabrielle Hales, founder of Secret Yoga Club, which specialises in bringing yoga to unusual locations. 

The festival, including accommodation, will take the form of a desert camp, reflecting local Berber culture. Participants will be served locally sourced food and fresh juices, and a capsule clothing range has been designed especially for the event. 

There are also two US Restival dates later this year, in Arizona September 8-13 and September 16-21. One date has also already been announced for 2017, with the event arriving in Lapland in the north of Sweden in June next year.