Romanian spa market worth 23.1 million euros

The Romanian spa market increased in value by 10% in 2017 to €23.1 million.

Romanian wellness holiday specialist Travelle-Wellness Escapes, set up by spa and wellness consultancy released the figures, which included a breakdown of the market’s €21m turnover during 2016.

Access to spas, pools, thermal facilities and other wellness areas accounted for €12.4m, while €8.4m was attributed to the 241,316 treatments bought by 175,560 clients.

According to Travelle-Wellness Escapes, international wellness tourism started gaining traction in Romania relatively recently, in 2012.

“At international level, approximately 41% of wellness tourism is represented by relaxation spa tourism,” said Ioana Marian, founder of and managing partner of Travelle-Wellness Escapes.

“The reality is that Romania is not on the map of international wellness tourism, so the major challenge will be to place our country on the map.”