Sales of anti-pollution skincare grew by 30% in the past six months

Anti-pollution skincare

UK sales of anti-pollution prestige skincare have risen by 30% in the past six months (January to June 2017), with the emerging market for these products valued at £3.1 million, according to research by global information company The NPD Group.

Sales of anti-pollution face masks had the biggest surge, increasing by 112% from January to June 2017, compared to the same period in 2016, the report found.

Anti-pollution moisturisers grew by 62% during this time, while cleansers and eye creams designed to fight the fumes also had double digit growth.

“The trend for anti-pollution skincare emerged a couple of years ago and has made a significant impact in the prestige beauty market,” said June Jensen, director of NPD UK Beauty.

“At first, just a few brands launched targeted anti-pollution products, but now, as the market develops, we are seeing more brands introducing products that are specifically designed to protect the skin from pollution.”

The report also found that many products packed with antioxidants and SPF are widely marketed as “anti-pollution” and that many feature terms such as “urban”, “city skin”, “shield”, “protector”, “defence” and “environment” in the name. 

Protective make-up

Make-up that protects skin against environmental aggressors has also seen an increase in sales, with foundations formulated with an SPF increasing by 11% during that January to June 2017 period, the report found.

Foundations with SPF 20 and above reported double digit growth in this time, while those with SPF 50 increased by 350%.

Jensen added: “The popularity of products which protect against pollution have had a big impact on the prestige beauty market. We have witnessed the emergence of a niche skincare segment that has proved hugely popular with consumers.”

Overall market boost

In general, the prestige beauty market has seen growth across the board, with products that support a healthy skin regime also reporting strong sales figures.

Sales of face cleansers, not related to anti-pollution skincare, grew by 7% to £1.6m in the same period, while face masks grew by 42% to £2.2m – within that category, clay and mud masks grew by 102%.