Salford has the most beauty businesses per square mile in the UK

Salford has more beauty businesses per square mile than any other area in the UK, making it a beauty hot spot, found new research by supplier NicelyPolished.

Salford came out top with 264 beauty salons, equating to 32.59 per square mile, found the report, which used data from Yelp to find the number of hairdressers and beauty businesses operating within each city, with these figures then divided by the area of each city or borough in square miles to find the number beauty businesses per square mile. 

Salford’s numbers include 33 nail salons (4.07 per sq mile); 25 tanning salons (3.09 per sq mile); 36 hair removal salons (4.44 per sq mile) and 170 hair salons (20.99 per sq mile), the report found. Blackburn and Oldham came in second and third respectively. 

While Salford has been ranked first for the total number of beauty salons, it only ranked 10th for the number of hair-removal salons (36). Edinburgh took top slot for hair reoval, with an impressive 98 salons, and Glasgow came second with 69.

The UK's 10 beauty cities ranked:

UK's top beauty cities ranked

Edinburgh and Glasgow also came out first (95) and second (64) respectively for their number of nail salons, followed by Brighton and Hove (60), Birmingham (52) and Leeds (51). Glasgow has been ranked first for the number of tanning salons (38), just above Liverpool (30), Manchester (29) and Sunderland (28).

When it comes to the London's most beauty obsessed borough, Kensington and Chelsea came out top with a total of 181 beauty businesses, including 106 hair salons, 45 hair removal salons, 24 nail salons and six tanning salons.

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