Salon launches “Real Bodies, Real Tans” campaign to promote body positivity in the beauty industry

Published 04th Jun 2021 by PB Admin
Salon launches “Real Bodies, Real Tans” campaign to promote body positivity in the beauty industry

Beauty salon Bee Bronzzzed in Gloucester has launched a “Real Bodies, Real Tans” campaign to promote body confidence and body inclusivity in the beauty and tanning industry. 

Salon owner Helen Wood worked with Sheryl Oobaloos at Oobaloos Photography Studio on her vision, which is to switch up the advertising images seen in the world of spray tanning by stepping away from the traditional and stereotypical photos used, so people know that every single body type is welcome in the tanning tent. 

Wood reached out to clients asking them to take part in the campaign, as she wanted customers to see themselves reflected in the images the salon uses in its premises and on social media, and lots of women put themselves forward as volunteers.

Real Bodies, Real Tans campaign group shot

“When I first started my spray tan business, I had a vision of finally breaking the stereotypical image of spray tans. The only adverts you see are beautiful, highly-edited, photoshopped young women covered in bronzer by the beach. They are not natural images of the women in them, nor are they real images of the spray tans either,” said Wood. 

“My vision was to one day make my own advertising campaign using real women, real tans and an amazing photographer to capture the women as naturally as possible. With the help of some amazing, strong and brave women, I have made my vision a reality.”

One of the key aims of Wood’s campaign was to show that our bodies tell a story – a map of our lives – and that’s something to be proud of. 

She explained: “The wobbly bits show we have food. The stretch marks show we have grown. The baby bellies show that we have grown lives inside us. The wrinkles on our faces show that we have cried, laughed and lived. The cellulite shows us that we are human. The scars are our battle scars and they show that we are strong and that we will overcome what is thrown our way.” 

Real Bodies, Real Tan woman in jeans pic  Real Bodies, Real Tan woman in underwear pic Real Bodies, Real Tan two model pic

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Have you run a campaign like this in your salon? Tell us about it below. 

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 04th Jun 2021

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