Salons reminded to ensure seasonal staff are covered by insurance

As with many businesses taking on extra staff to accommodate the festive season rush, salons and other beauty businesses need to make sure that they have sufficient and valid insurance cover.

Additional employees need the right training for the job, even if they will only be working for a short period of time, and it is still essential they have the right to work in the UK.

Employers liability – a type of insurance that covers a salon owner for any claims made by your staff or injury or illness caused by their workplace – is a good option for business cover as most policies of this type are likely to include casual workers and seasonal and temporary staff.

Kieran McGeehan, head of SME business insurance, at Co-op Insurance, said: “While many SMEs will source temporary workers through an agency or advertise for additional members of staff, there are those who will rely on getting family and friends to offer support on an ad-hoc basis as they can be called upon at the last minute.

"However, for people who are taking this ‘just in time’ approach to taking on extra helpers it is important to remember that being an employer comes with responsibilities and whether your  business is a seasonal one, or just one that needs temporarily expanding for a few weeks or months, you are not exempt from business laws and employment regulations.”