Shanti Maurice launches Ayurveda retreats

Mauritian boutique resort Shanti Maurice is running a series of Ayurveda retreats this month. The retreats, available as five, seven or 14-day options, will run throughout the month.

The retreats will be tailored to each guest’s dosha or body type and are designed to improve overall wellbeing and to allow guests to continue implementing the practises after they leave the resort.

Elements of the retreat include pranayama, teaching the control of breath, daily yoga sessions, including yoga on the beach, and meditation.

Guests on the retreat will also benefit from treatments such as abhyanga warm oil body massages and the Shanti-dhara signature treatment, a full body massage designed to help balance the chakras, and will experience the Agnihotra fire ceremony.

Healthy vegetarian cuisine will be served during the retreat, and guests will also have cooking classes to introduce them to Ayurvedic cuisine. The retreats aim to help tackle common modern day conditions that may affect health, including stress and obesity.