Should you create a capsule treatment menu or offer lots of choice?

Client retention is key for any salon or spa, and providing a product range and treatment menu that covers all bases ensures that clients will want to revisit time and again.

Clients love to see progress in their skin and an extensive treatment menu means you can address any concerns that they have in stages, introducing techniques and ingredients at a rate that won’t overload the skin or cause over-stimulation. 

Variety has the added benefit of keeping therapists engaged and enthused. There’s also the flexibility that comes with choice: whatever the client’s skincare needs and individual beauty beliefs, you can accommodate them while staying true to your own ethos as a beauty professional.

At QMS Medicosmetics we also tailor treatment menus based on location, as the needs and desires of a client base will vary depending on where they live. For example, our inner-city clinics offer treatments to counteract the damaging impact of city living and pollution. For skincare, focus on programmes, with each treatment taking the client up to the next stage in their skin’s progress. 

Of course, consumer trends come in cycles, so an extensive treatment menu provides an opportunity to promote different services that tap into the trends as they arise. Make sure you’re not selling yourself short by failing to provide enough choice. 

Rowan Hall-Farrise is an experienced facialist and international head trainer at QMS Medicosmetics.