Simon Knaack - Germany

I did my internship at Professional Beauty (Trade Exhibitions Ltd.) in London, Chelsea. In association with the ADC College in Harrow, I and my other colleague from Germany got the organizational assignment to Professional Beauty.

For two weeks we worked for the marketing team with Chloe as our supervisor. The timing for our apprenticeship was perfect because PB North was hosted in Manchester at the weekend, so there was a lot of work for everyone and it was interesting to see which problems occurred and how they could be solved.

One of our main tasks was to receive the calls from the central phone number. At the beginning it was a tough task for us to understand every caller because of the different accents and to understand their concerns. Nevertheless, after a few days we were more practiced and able to handle most of the calls. For me personally it was a very good practice to improve my English skills and to deal with several accents.

Before my time in London, I had some prejudices regarding English culture and habits, but the impression I received at PB was very positive. Despite the fuss due to the weekend show, all members of the staff were very friendly and professional. For me personally it was very impressive to see, how the staff support each other and helped us with different things. I am also very thankful for the useful hints I got from some colleagues and overall for the nice time we had at PB.

I wish PB all the best for the future, especially for the next show in London.

With best wishes from Germany,
Simon Knaack