Beauty pros launch The Skin Collaborative platform to educate public on skin health

A group of 20 passionate UK-based skin professionals have come together to launch The Skin Collaborative – an online platform to educate the general public on skin, from hormonal breakouts, dullness and pigmentation, to fine lines, wrinkles and sensitivity.

The mission of the platform is to bring together the years of knowledge and expertise these professionals have to help the general public gain a wider understanding of their skin and know the best way to care for it – with a focus that nobody is better placed to do that than a qualified beauty therapist. 

“We don’t sell, we don’t over-promise and, most of all, we don’t lie like all the marketing campaigns that get you to part with your hard earned cash,” said The Skin Collaborative professional Sam Marshall. 

To coincide with International Women’s Day (March 8), The Skin Collaborative is launching #thefacebehindthefilter campaign, which is encouraging clients to ditch the filter and share the face behind the filter – in a bid to help people feel confident in their own skin. 

“We are real women with our own skin challenges, which we are not afraid to share. It’s important for people to realise that perfection just does not exist. The airbrushed and filtered pictures we see in the media do us all a disservice,” said The Skin Collaborative professional Maria Rylott-Byrd. 

“This is why we have decided to show #thefacebehindthefilter. We will be celebrating our skin au naturel and invite women everywhere to join us.”

Who are the professionals on The Skin Collaborative? 

The Skin Collaborative behind the filter campaign

How can I take part in The Skin Collaborative?

The website will be launching soon, with hopes that it will become a learning resource for the general public to find “factual, uncomplicated information about skin, but always with a positive message”. 

The group also talk in audio-only social media platform Clubhouse every Friday night at 7pm, discussing a different subject each week. So far the pros have covered maskne, stress and the skin, hyperpigmentation, acne and rosacea.

You can find the group on Instagram and Facebook.

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