Skincare brand Neom Organics launching Wellbeing Schools in July

Neom Wellbeing School

Skincare brand Neom Organics is opening a series of Wellbeing Schools in its standalone stores on July 1.

Opening exclusively at the Wimbledon, Leeds and Kings Road, Chelsea stores, the Wellbeing Schools offers guests the ultimate wellness experience, letting them choose the programme that is right for them – whether they want to relieve stress, aid sleep, boost their energy or lift their mood.

Customers receive a complimentary 30-minute consultation with a Neomologist, where they take the Scent Discovery test to find out their underlying wellbeing need and are then guided through the small steps that can make a big difference to their wellbeing.

The four programmes that will be available to customers are:

1. The Sleep School

In store Neomologists reveal the sleep secrets they have gathered from the Neom Wellbeing Board and create a pre-bedtime routine that fits into the client’s life, helping them switch off, unplug and nod off.

2. The Energy School

In this energising power class, clients can learn how to top up their energy levels in a few simple steps, as well as how to sync up mind and body.

3. The De-Stress School

Clients will test and feel the benefits of Neom’s De-Stress range as well as learning de-stressing facial massage techniques.

4. The Happiness School

Customers will learn practical and effective mood-lifting tips as well as understanding how to achieve a positive state of mind.


Neom Organics makes products using 100% natural fragrances.

Image: ©Neom Organics