Smart technology and natural and organic products among beauty trends of the future, Mintel predicts

Published 01st Dec 2015 by PB Admin
Smart technology and natural and organic products among beauty trends of the future, Mintel predicts

Smart technology, water, energy-boosting properties and natural and organic products are four key industry trends for the future, according to a new report. Market researcher Mintel pinpoints the four areas as set to be among the developments that define the beauty industry between now and 2025.

Advancements in technology, including wearable tech, means consumers now have greater control over their health and beauty regimen, with solutions, Mintel stated, set to continue becoming increasingly tailored to the individual.

Vivienne Rudd, director of insight, beauty and personal care at Mintel, said: “As consumers become increasingly familiar with using technology to track their health and well-being, they are looking for beauty brands to offer products and devices that boast similar functionality."

Mintel also predicts that with water set to become an increasingly precious commodity the world over, consumers will look for the beauty sector to provide skincare solutions that require as little water as possible and drain the earth’s resources to a minimum extent.

Rudd said: "Our research shows growing consumer interest in alternative water sources that do not place any additional strain on existing resources, and we will see brands scour the earth to find them in order to gain a competitive edge."

As stress continues to plague the global population, beauty and wellness products and services that can help boost flagging energy levels will also become increasingly in demand, the market researcher predicted.

One area that will continue to grow in importance as a result of this is nutrition supplements and healthy food options, with more collaborations likely between the beauty and nutrition sectors.

The demand for natural and organic products and the consumer interest in knowing what goes into a product will also continue, Mintel forecast. 

Rudd said: "Our research shows that consumers overall are looking to improve their health and wellness. Beauty brands will need to partner with food, drink and leisure brands to create healthy living product ranges with ingredients and claims that complement one another."

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 01st Dec 2015

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