Spa retailing course for introverts launches

US esthetician Linda Harding-Bond has launched an online training course specifically aimed at working with the introvert personality of many beauty therapists.

Harding-Bond, who is also president of Moontide Consulting, which provides retail sales training and management coaching for the spa and beauty industries, launched Increasing Your Retail Selling: An Online Training Class for Spa Managers on September 7.

The course addresses areas that many therapists struggle with and that therefore create barriers to successful retailing and to increasing spa revenue, such as engaging clients in conversation with an aim to recommend products.

Harding-Bond said: “Studies have shown that the majority of spa therapists and spa managers are introverts. Therefore, initiating conversation, engaging with clients and selling products is not something that feels natural and comfortable.”

The course focuses on training therapists on client engagement, acquiring comprehensive product knowledge and selling in a way that is natural, rather than forceful.

It incorporates eight video training modules, role-play, “customer engagement scenarios” and weekly video chats with Harding-Bond, among other elements.