Spabreaks announces 2017 Women’s Wellness Week dates

Spa bookings website Spabreaks has partnered with a UK-based charity to launch Women’s Wellness Week in September.

Women’s Wellness Week, which begins on September 18, is designed to highlight the key issues affecting women’s mental and physical wellbeing. 

Spabreaks stated that the week has the objective of “encouraging women to prioritise their health by taking a little time each day to do something for themselves”.

Spabreaks founder Abi Wright said: “Today’s woman tries to be everything to everyone. Often she juggles a career, family, home, and social life, without any thought for herself, yet still worries she’s not doing a good enough job at any of it.

“Women’s Wellness Week is all about encouraging women to stop for a moment, take a breather and consider themselves for a change.” Events during the week will include what is billed as “the world’s largest-ever massage event”.

This will see up to 1,000 women: “Invited to take some time out to enjoy a massage at a Spabreaks venue across the UK and throughout the world at 11am on Tuesday, September 19.”

All massages will be complimentary, but participants will be encouraged to make a £20 donation to the spa where they have the treatment, with proceeds going to the charity Willow.

The UK-based charity is dedicated to working with young adults between the ages of 16 to 40, putting together what it refers to as Special Days for those who are seriously ill. 

Proceeds not just from the massage event, but from all events organised during Women’s Wellness Week, will go to Willow; to support the charity’s work. 

Mark Rappitt, Special Days director for Willow, said: “We are delighted to be working with Spabreaks during Women’s Wellness Week.

“A massage is one of the very best ways to take some quality time for yourself and by taking part in the Massage-athon you’ll also be helping seriously ill young adults throughout the UK to have their own Special Day.”

Spabreaks will also be running live chats on its Facebook and Twitter pages, among other initiatives during the week. Topics covered as part of the sessions will range from advice and support on anxiety, to career tips.