Spafinder launches The Wellness App with 25,000 listings

Spafinder Wellness, the spa marketing and events group, has launched an app to allow consumers to book and pay for services at a large number of spas, wellness destinations and fitness, yoga and Pilates studios.

The Wellness App lists 25,000 wellness businesses including large groups such as Bliss and Mandarin Oriental as well as small, single-site operators, and has been designed to “bring together the fragmented landscape of wellness providers”.

The app will send users notifications of nearby promotions in real time and will allow users to earn rewards for making a booking, adding funds or writing a review.

The platform has been designed to allow for payment processing to the 25,000 locations, even though they all have different point-of-sale and booking systems. It was developed by Spafinder Wellness’s technology team, with support from Miami-based tech agency YellowPepper.

Spafinder expects the app to be especially attractive to employers who have workplace wellness programmes and said the app will give users access to more locations for wellness than Starbucks's app does for coffee (at its 21,000 shops).

Spafinder Wellness chief executive Pete Ellis said, "The app bridges the many gaps that have made wellness offerings diffuse and inconsistent, and brings together all types of providers, from large, established businesses to single-location establishments, to offer consumers a unified, seamless experience under one umbrella."

The Wellness App is available in Apple’s App Store and on Google Play.