Spafinder Wellness spearheads mindfulness initiative

Spafinder Wellness has partnered with eMindful, an online provider of health and stress reduction programmes, on an initiative to promote wellness and mindfulness.

Rolled out in the US, The 1% Challenge encourages Americans to set side 1% of each day, 14 minutes, to take small, sustainable steps towards a more well and balanced lifestyle.

Such steps can include fitness and weight management, with the challenge underpinned by the belief that smaller, more manageable steps, are more likely to lead to lasting change.

Kelley McCabe, chief executive of eMindful, said: “Huge changes undertaken all at once are hard. Small changes quickly add up to a big difference. And over a lifetime, that can be transformational.”

The 1% Challenge includes free online mindfulness sessions, led by one of the eMindful instructors and US consumers interested in participating have until January 31 to sign up.

Different rewards are available for reaching your goals, including an eMindful Life VIP membership, for those attending the online mindfulness sessions every day for 30 days.

Spafinder Wellness chief operating officer John Bevan said: “At Spafinder, we believe wellness is a way of life, not a fad or a trend, and The 1% Challenge is a manageable way for everyone to introduce the good habits of mindfulness and thoughtful behaviours into their daily routine.”

eMindful and Spafinder are also partnering with the charity MindUp on the initiative, with eMindful pledging to donate US$1,000 to the charity for every 25,000 hours of daily online mindfulness practice.

MindUP, founded by actress Goldie Hawn, is a charity dedicated to creating a happy classroom environment that allows children to grow and promotes learning.

To sign up to The 1% Challenge, go to