SPEAKER ALERT: Andrew Gibson

This week we talked to Andrew Gibson, vice president of spa and wellness at FRHI Hotels & Resorts. Andrew shares his thoughts about the event, his presentation and the current challenges in the industry.

> How would you describe your presenting style?

Short pointers with examples to emphasise the point.

What makes a good presentation at an event like this? What does the speaker need to deliver to make it worth the attendees' time and money? 
The speaker needs to make an impact and provide just a few key points. He or she also needs to find a way to engage the audience to get their attention.

What made you interested in chairing "The Spa: The Future Is Now" session?
It’s a session on the future and it interests me to see how our industry is evolving – perception versus reality.

What do you hope delegates will take away from this session?
Some good insights into ideas that have merit. I also also hope they’ll  know how they can apply the ideas they get from the session.

What would you like to highlight, or get the speakers to focus on, during the session?
Ideas and thoughts that are supported by information that makes the idea credible.

Why are networking and education events such as the Professional Spa & Wellness Convention important for the industry? 
We all need think-tanks and the opportunity to have time with our peers.

> Which are the biggest challenges and the biggest opportunities currently facing the global spa and wellness industry?
Challenges – manpower, economic efficiency, legislation
Opportunities – wellness, emphasis on prevention, demand for spa, training.

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