Sponsored blog: How I grew my client base by introducing one new treatment

Louise Carpenter, owner of Dazzle Dolly Nails & Beauty in Snodland, Kent, skincare professional and Nouveau Skin Therapy trained technician, tells us how using electrical facial treatment A-Lift on clients has transformed her business.

I’ve been offering the electrical facial treatment A-Lift since April this year and it has given me lots of opportunities within the business. My clients have been very receptive to the treatment because it's a natural alternative to target the signs of ageing which really works, and as a result, my client base is continually growing.

Below I’ve outlined four different types of clients I’ve successfully treated with A-Lift and why the treatment was best suited to them.


Jenny Scarf (age 55)
Client background: Non-smoker. Basic skincare routine of cleanse, tone and moisturise daily
Treatment course: 10 x 60-minute A-Lift treatments, twice a week for five weeks

“Jenny wanted to treat herself after a long couple of years fighting breast cancer and being on lots of medication, which had really taken its toll on her skin. Jenny is very happy with her results and couldn't believe the difference she saw in such a short timescale. A-Lift has helped her look and feel more like herself again,” says Carpenter.  

Angela Wheat (age 58)
Client background: Non-smoker. Looks after skin religiously.
Treatment course: Part way through her A-Lift course. Has currently had four 60-minute treatments, with six more to go

“Angela is a beauty therapist, so she knows her stuff. She works long hours and has recently undergone a knee replacement, meaning lots of medication which has resulted in her feeling tired, dehydrated and puffy. Angela's focus area is her jaw, mainly wanting to get rid of her double chin and achieve a firmer neck. So far, we’ve achieved cheeks to die for and a beautiful jaw line with lots more treatments to come,” adds Carpenter.

Wendy Brown (age 51)
Client background: Non-smoker. No previous skincare routine in place, just a morning face wash and go
Treatment course: A course of 10 x 60-minute A-Lift treatments completed

“Wendy wanted to simply firm, tone and lift her face – basically give herself a little pick me up. She has never really ‘treated’ herself and wanted something relaxing as well as achieving great results. Wendy is so happy, she raves about A-Lift and I now see a lot of her work colleagues,” says Carpenter. 

Lyn Molloy (age 58)
Client background: Heavy smoker and sun worshipper. However, she has always cleansed and moisturised
Treatment course: Part way through an A-Lift course. Has currently had four 60-minute treatments with six more to go

“Lyn’s goal was to look better when she sees her family at Christmas. So, I started her on a course of A-Lift and four treatments in we can already see a difference. When I asked Lyn if there was anything she wanted to focus on her response was ‘all of it’. By working on a cellular level, A-Lift is constantly working in the background to give Lyn healthier, brighter tighter skin all over,” explains Carpenter.  

About Nouveau Skin Therapy
Nouveau Skin Therapy, part of the Nouveau Beauty Group, focuses on bringing the most effective, natural and scientific developments in skin rejuvenation to salons across the UK.

Based on the established foundation of microcurrent technology, it’s the additional benefit of nanocurrent technology that makes A-Lift so clever. Measured at an incredible one billionth of an amp, nanocurrent synchronises with the body’s natural electrical frequency to boost levels of “energy” in cells.

Also, the unique self-regulating feature means it reads, adjusts and maintains the correct output 16 times per second, tailoring every treatment.

Images: ©Nouveau Skin Therapy and Dazzle Dolly Nails & Beauty