Sponsored blog: how the right salon software can boost your sales revenue

Alexandru Stefan, director of Clinic Software, explains how businesses are creating stronger client bonds and driving up profit using SaaS solutions

Are you happy with your sales revenue? If you have a small to medium-sized business then you may know all your customers by name, but did you know that a lot of of the larger companies are now gaining the same personal edge thanks to SaaS (Software as a Service) software?

Appointments, payments, reminders and customer relationships are now becoming automated thanks to professional software, enabling businesses of all sizes to capture information about customers and act on the data. This is giving the big boys the ability to reach out to customers as personally as the local shopkeeper once did and with great results – can you believe that?

The good news is that small and medium-sized businesses can also benefit from this personalised, professional software, enabling them to streamline the customer relationship building process and create stronger bonds by collecting and using more detailed information, such as purchase history, number of visits etc.

According to research process we did, more than half of clinics and salons use software to manage their business and the majority adopt it within one year of their launch. While professional software started out at the larger company level, it’s now becoming widely adopted by smaller businesses, which make up the fastest-growing sector of the beauty industry.

However, to maximise the benefits of using salon software you have to use the complete package of features. Clinic and salons with a strong focus on marketing are able to track sales and customer behaviours over time, suggest related services and products to clients, and maintain loyalty in customer accounts.

However, software is also useful if your business sells products, not just services, because it can help record customer interactions and keep track of the different decision-makers involved in the purchase. After the sale, the software even helps keep track of invoices, appointments, communication with customers and more.

Obviously the bigger your business gets the more use you will have for the system. However, software also makes this growth easier by keeping track of sales, appointments, courses, reports and customer interactions, better, faster and more easily. The software does the hard work for you.   

So, are you curious yet? There are lots of software products out there and if you think a management system could help you with customer relationships, marketing results and sales, then it’s worth looking into the options available, but choose the most comprehensive software for your business needs.

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Image: ©Clinic Software