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Bodycraft London grew its sales by 400% with Clinic Software. Founder and director Daniel Lyons tells us how it’s helped get business booming. 

Which are your favourite features of Clinic Software?
The business reports and finances features are great. The appointment book is also fantastic – a really easy-touse feature. We have vouchers, loyalty cards, gift cards and client cards, and the client card feature is another favourite. It just gives that extra touch to your beauty business. The client will come in with a specific barcode on their card and once scanned the system will bring up all their history, so you can see how much credit they have on their card and you can top it up.

How does it help with client management?
Using the client card feature you can also manage your clients to see which treatments they are having on a regular basis then send them special tailored offers to reward them for being a loyal customer. The online booking system is also really helpful and we’ve had many compliments on it. Sales have increased by 400% and I think this is a lot to do with the online booking system. It’s so easy to use when you are on there. On other websites it can take a while to find your way around and if you click on different services you have to book and pay for them individually, but with Clinic Software you can select many services and book and pay for them at the same time, which is really useful.

How has Clinic Software helped your business overall?
When we started Bodycraft London we were just getting by really; we were just turning over. We made a big leap with Clinic Software and it’s just taken the business to a whole new level. We are now looking to open other branches because of the volume of business that it has bought in. I would definitely recommend it – but I almost don’t want to because I want to keep it a secret! It’s a bit like a secret card that you have up your sleeve. If you own a clinic or a salon it’s is the right thing to do, and I want to say a massive thank you to Clinic Software for making us so much more confident and just taking the business to new levels constantly. It’s just made our lives so much earlier and our salon so much more professional as well, so a big thank you!

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