How to get more Facebook Reviews for your beauty salon


Do your customers always forget to give you a Facebook/Google Review when they leave your premises?

ReviewHub lets them leave you a Review by simply hovering/scanning their phone! It has exploded in popularity and is now in over 110 businesses across Ireland in the past 5 months and recently launched in Madison Avenue New York Restaurant.

Upcoming Professional Beauty & HJ Live Ireland speaker and ReviewHub Founder Peter McNicholl said "The ReviewHub idea was born from my experience working as a porter and barman in hotels for over 10 years. People would always say they had an excellent experience, I would give them a small paper card with our Facebook and TripAdvisor and ask them to give to leave us a review. They would say "we will do it as soon as we get home", and most forgot to do it. I found this was the case across many industries including beauty, so I invented ReviewHub" 

ReviewHub sits at your salon’s front desk. It allows the client to give you a review there and then, quickly and simply by hovering/scanning their phone above the ReviewHub. 

ReviewHub controls your online reputation:

ReviewHub amplifies excellent guest experiences on social media platform but only allows managers to see negative ones. 

Why Facebook Reviews? When a customer gives you a Facebook Review, all of their friends get a notification of that experience. The average Facebook User has 155 friends. 

58% of Facebook users said that the experiences of friends and family at a destination have encouraged them to visit a place they hadn't previously considered (Official Facebook Survey of 3,000 People, 2017).

Other benefits include:

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Peter McNicholl will be speaking on the Business Skills programme at Professional Beauty and HJ Live Ireland. Seminar bookings will be available soon, in the meantime you can register for your FREE ticket here.