Sponsored feature: Q&A with Nouveau Lashes’ Nicky Ward

The training and development manager talks about the brand’s new SVS treatment, upcoming lash trends and the biggest challenges facing the industry

What does your job as training and development managerat Nouveau Lashes involve?
The three main categories I cover are development, management and regulation. In terms of developing a new training course there are a lot of elements that go into it. I work on developing the new product tools and equipment, which are then implemented into the relevant training courses to improve the end result.

On the flip side, I work on developing new training classes and optimising the learning experience for students, as well as evolving treatment techniques and procedures. I’m also responsible for managing the team, facilitating and regulating all of the training, and updating the current training packages and Nouveau Lashes systems.

What have been the company’s latest developments in training and education? The most recent and biggest development has to be the launch of our new SVS (Speed, Volume, Style) treatment – an extension treatment which gives the full effect of Russian lashes while maintaining the health of the natural lashes. As far as training and education goes, it’s a game-changer because the treatment is set to change the way technicians and clients see volume lashes.

With the launch of the new SVS treatment there are also a series of products that have been developed for it (that are yet to be released), which I know will work wonders for other lash extension treatments.

Another important development is the implementation of our new webinars, workshops and online learning resources for lash artists. We’re always seeking more innovative ways to train, troubleshoot and synchronise the training with the lifestyles of the modern day beauty therapist.

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the lash industry?
I think one of the biggest challenges would have to be a lack of in-depth knowledge, which can result in damage to the natural lash. At Nouveau Lashes we eliminate this problem with our weight-for-weight technique– applying lash extensions carefully so there’s no risk of overloading,in addition to lash mapping – where we create a custom lash look for every face and eye shape. Another issue which has been trending on social media lately is animal-friendly lash products.

Consumers are incredibly savvy about what they’re buying and I think there’s a real social awareness of how products are made, influencing clients’ decisions in what they buy. I support lash products being animal-friendly which is why ours are certified as vegan-friendly.

Why do you believe constant education to be important for lash artists?
Like anything in life, things change. It’s important for lash artists to constantly upskill and educate themselves because there are always new developments in training, products and tools. So, if they don’t train regularly then they might be missing a trick or two on how to make their treatment times faster or get better lash results.

Lash artists need to make sure that they’re accredited for their skill and work and should be accredited by a reliable company because this will instil confidence for the client. On top of that, it’s best to keep up with modern practices because the beauty industry is competitive and you want to be on a level playing field to your competitors.

Where can you see lash artistry going in the next few years?
I believe we will see a lot more competition work. Lash competitions have only come to the UK in the past few years but I think over time it can grow to match what we’re currently seeing from nail competitions. In terms of trends, I think we’ll see more of a demand for volume lashes. It’s such a sought after look and they are more customisable than people think. 

What has been your greatest career achievement at Nouveau Lashes?
It would definitely be the development and launch of the SVS treatment. I honestly believe we’ve changed the way volume lashes are perceived and from a client and technician’s point of view, it’s going to benefit everyone involved. By taking all the best elements of volume lashes and making it more accessible to time-conscious people, we’ve really managed to create a crowd-pleaser and I’m extremely proud to be a part of it.   

Images: Nicky Ward and SVS technique after picture