Sponsored feature: the impact of Dermatude on the aesthetics industry

Trish Carey (pictured), sales and marketing manager at Nouveau Skin Therapy, talks about the biggest trends emerging in the field and why Dermatude is different to other machines on the market. 

What do you think have been the biggest changes in the aesthetics industry in the past 10 years?
During that time, we've seen a real acceptance of all things aesthetic and the making of what would have traditionally been treatments or procedures for celebrities turn into everyday normality. However, this has also brought upon a new respect for regulation and control.

The availability and accessibility of aesthetic treatments has really changed things. Industry professionals, while welcoming the influx of demand, equally appreciate the tighter regulations. The likes of the Safety in Beauty campaign, championed by industry recognised Antonia Mariconda, and much stricter legislation coming in to prevent less-skilled practitioners from being able to offer treatments, are seen as welcome changes.  

What are some of the biggest challenges in the market right now?
The aesthetics industry is very competitive with plenty of options for consumers and trade alike. Despite not having the budget of well-known consumer brands from large corporates, it's exciting to see Nouveau Skin Therapy rise to the challenge and earn industry recognition. Working with, and benefiting from, Sally Durant’s vast technical expertise and indisputable knowledge of the skin goes to show that the Nouveau Skin Therapy brand Dermatude deserves its rightful place as a true provider of results.

What are some of the key trends you’re seeing emerge?
Consumers now have a much better understanding of what’s on offer, as well as the technologies used in treatments. They do their research and know that real results involve technology or science, and this is down to many factors – social media, the desire to stay youthful, and of course, the celebrity culture. Everyone wants “what she’s having” and this has led to plenty of consumer experimentation, which is actually a good thing.

Customers are now more open to considering trying new things or have already “been there” and know what they don't want. Nouveau Skin Therapy is a firm believer in combining treatments to tailor a programme for the client. It may be something they’ve used in the past that when paired up with something new gives it a new lease of life. Another great benefit is that consumers understand now that what they eat and drink has a huge impact on results.  

Can you tell me how your Dermatude treatment works?
Dermatude is a dual-action treatment which produces natural and noticeable results, from the first treatment right through to building on results as part of a course of treatments. It works by creating thousands of micro-perforations per second in the skin, delivering active serums down to the deeper layers, nourishing the live cells.

This combination of activity stimulates circulation, while the natural healing mechanism of the body kick starts the production of new collagen and elastin. This in turn plumps out fine lines and wrinkles, refines the texture of the skin and reduces the appearance of large pores.

What makes it different to other machines on the market?
There are two Dermatude devices to choose from, the original FX50 and the new pre-programmed and faster speed FX100, and both utilise either an 18-point or a 38-point needle module.

With speeds from 120–150 “jects” per second, Dermatude delivers 2,100–2,700 micro-perforations per second to the skin. The speed and density of micro-perforations provide consistent delivery of active serums, while the precise and even depth encourage optimal collagen and elastin production.

The guard around the polycarbonate needle plate ensures depth is never exceeded and also shields the points, providing a guide to work up to. With the 18-point facial module, this allows treatment under the eye area, up to the lash line and just under the brow bone, as well as right up to the lip contour. These areas are usually top on the client's wish list for improvements, so clearly a winner for results.

What big projects can we expect from Dermatude in 2017?
We're aiming to bring in the Dermatude Advanced Needling treatment in the early part of next year which will target specific deeper lines and wrinkles. It will complement the Dermatude Facial as it can be added to a facial course or indeed be a standalone treatment. The deeper needling will only be used in targeted areas where more invasive action is needed to produce specific results.