Sponsored story: 68% of women rank a double chin as a top concern

A recent study by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery has found that 68% ranked a double chin as a top concern. ChinUp Mask offers the ideal solution.

The results of this survey are hardly surprising, considering that this part of the body is almost always on display. ChinUp Mask is an innovative and unique new beauty product, created to help lift, firm and contour the look of the jawline and neck.

It combines a naturally made face mask and an ergonomic slimming band. The mask, made with well known ingredients like Vitamin and Q10 Coenzyme, works to break down fatty deposits under the skin and can make it tighter. The band is designed to pull everything up, in the same way a facelift does, but without being invasive, expensive or risky, like a surgical procedure.

After just 30 minutes application, ChinUp Mask can measurably reduce the chin and even comes packed with a tape measure to prove it! What’s more, these results can last for several days afterward, making it much more convenient than a lot of other products currently on the market.

There is nothing quite like ChinUp Mask out there and customers have already responded positively to the launch of this item. Currently available from a number of select stores, as well as on www.ChinUp.eu. Distributed by Vitenza Wholesale: www.Vitenza.com.