Sponsored story: AQUÆ

AQUÆ is a professional network, born in 2012 and specializing in the health and spa sectors. For three years, AQUÆ has been an essential tool for players from public and private sectors in the treatments and wellness fields. Offering a unique French media positioning on these sectors, AQUÆ specializes in thalassotherapy, thermal spas, day spas, and hotel spas.

AQUÆ exists in three medias:
• A bimonthly printed newsletter: AQUÆ
• A website: www.aquae-officiel.fr
• A thematic issue: AQUÆ Panorama

AQUÆ also offers great visibility at national and international exhibitions thanks to many media partnerships.

With its unique strategic position, which consists of gathered thermalism, thalasso and spa environment, AQUÆ meets their specific needs in term of communication.

The bimonthly 12-page newsletter is published every second Tuesday. It decrypts news from the different wellness sectors, in a synthetical and practical way. A strategic monitoring tool for the decisions makers of those sectors, the distribution is done by mail and available on subscription.

The website, www.aquae-officiel.fr, relays all news published in the printed newsletter but also specific information (breaking news, thematic articles). Information is organized by sectors and updated daily.

Every Monday, an expert on the wellness industry gives a talk about his or her specialty: “The Expert’s Eye”. Many well-known people have taken part in this, including Gerard André, Raoul and Andrews Sudré.

An e-newsletter sent every week broadcasts news. Last but not least in terms of publications is a special issue: Aquæ Panorama, published twice a year for health and wellness professionals and institutions.

Dedicated to international benchmarking, the issue is divvied into two topics: innovation and market trends.