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Combination and oily skin deserve to radiate beauty, free from shine and imperfections. Thalgo, leaders in marine beauty, introduce PURETÉ MARINE, a new range of cosmetic products for instantly healthy, clean skin with a lasting matte finish. The THALGO Laboratories have searched the depths of the oceans for two millenary algae that hold the key to a perfect matte finish.

Fucus spiralis and Tetraselmis chui are highly concentrated in Zinc, helping to regulate sebum production to reduce shine, blocked pores and imperfections. Together with Sève Bleue des Océans, which contains 14 times more Silicium, 12 times more Manganese and 8 times more Zinc than sea water, this combination is a true beauty elixir which significantly increases the skin’s hydration, while also replenishing it with minerals to stimulate cellular metabolism.

PERFECT MATTE FLUID - For flawlessly matte skin for up to 8 hours

This fluid has a dual anti-shine corrective action which leaves skin instantly flawless thanks to absorbent powders and optical correctors.

• 91% of testers reported matte skin that lasted throughout the day and a more even complexion

• 82% said the appearance of pores was visibly reduced

RRP: £25.00 40ml

Professional version: £17.50 ex. VAT 150ml

INTENSE REGULATING CONCENTRATE Rebalances all combination skin types

The skin’s texture is more even and appears smoother while the complexion is refreshed and radiant. In just 7 days, the skin is purified and studies show:

RRP: £28.00 7 vials x 1.2ml

Professional version: £17.85 12 vials x 1.2ml

ABSOLUTE PURIFYING MASK - Unparalleled results from the first use

Eliminate sebum, impurities and purify the skin in 10 minutes.Containing Fucus Spiralis, Tetraselmis Chui and Sève Bleue, this highly potent mask tightens pores thanks to the astringent action of its tannins, restricting the flow of sebum.

• More than 9 out of 10 people experienced a visibly clearer complexion, controlled shine and immediately tightened pores

RRP: £21.50 40ml

Professional version: £15.50 150ml

IMPERFECTION CORRECTOR - An SOS treatment for blemish outbreaks

Highly concentrated in Hyaluronic Acid,Sève Bleue des Océans, Fucus Spiralis and Tetraselmis Chui, this gel helps to purify skin and control outbreaks of bacteria by encouraging imperfections to clear up in just a few days.

• For more than 8 out of 10 people, it is "The Solution" for treating imperfections effectively

• 95% of testers agreed it accelerates the disappearance of imperfections

• 86% found skin was visibly healthier and post-imperfection healing improved

Retail only, RRP: £16.50 15ml

The homecare range is complemented by Heart of the Ocean PURETÉ MARINE RITUAL,aprofessional tailor-made treatment that channels the essential power and benefits of the ocean for purer, clearer skin in 1 hour.

All Thalgo products are paraben-free, mineral oil-free, propylene glycol-free and GMO-free. They contain no animal derived ingredients (except beeswax), and also adhere to the principles of sustainable development.

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