Spray tanning troubleshooting

Published 28th Sep 2022 by PB Admin
Spray tanning troubleshooting

How can I calm a nervous client?

“Tanning is such an unusual service in that it’s ‘Hi, nice to meet you. Please take all your clothes off and get in my tent’. I try to be as friendly as I can, super professional and really organised with my kit – I have everything ready to go when the client comes in,” says Hobbs. 

“I also have some music on when I’m tanning because it’s a nice background noise, the last thing you want when naked with your tanner is awkward silences.”

What if my client hasn’t prepped their skin?

“It’s a tricky one because you always tell clients to wax or shave before the tan and to exfoliate properly, but they might not always do that,” explains Hobbs.

“I always send prep steps to people in text messages and appointment reminders, but if there’s any areas [on the day] you think could have done with a good exfoliate, put a fine layer of barrier cream on because when you spray over it, it will just glide over it and sit nicely.”

How can I avoid any areas turning a strange colour?

“With my prep kit that I put in the room for clients I always leave some wipes and ask them, ‘Did you take off your deodorant?’ I then ask them to wipe around the area because sometimes when you spray deodorant you don’t realise how far you’ve sprayed it,” says Hobbs. 

Can I cover scars and stretch marks?

“Everyone’s scars or stretch marks are slightly different. I’d always have a little subtle check of texture and if anything is a little dry then the barrier cream with work a treat. Just tap a little bit on the area and spray over it,” says Hobbs. 

“Never over spray – don’t be tempted to put loads of layers on. Just do your fine layer, use the barrier cream and work to minimise them. You’ll reduce the attention to those areas so the clients will be much happier.”

How can I achieve an even tan on a more voluptuous client?

“I tan people of all shapes and sizes. The best thing to do is focus on a few key areas. For example, if you’ve got a client with a slightly curvier bottom, then they won’t want those small white triangles underneath each cheek. Get your client to bend over slightly so you can do a swish under each bum cheek,” explains Hobbs.

“For those with big boobs, spray the chest like normal and then ask the client to stretch their arms up because it causes everything to lift, then, spray the area. All you need to do before they rest their arms down is take the hose off the end of gun, where all your hot air comes through, and just dry it off. If it’s still wet then it will move.”


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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 28th Sep 2022

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