Streamlined skincare: I used just one brand for a month

As a beauty journalist with so many products to try (I’m not complaining) I usually have quite a few creams, serums, oils, and the like on the go at any one time. It’s rare that my skincare routine consists entirely of products from one brand that I stick to for a set period of time. But I made an exception for Pam Marshall, who owns salon Mortar + Milk in Fulham, not far from the PB office. I had a facial with Pam that started with a very involved consultation (every new client gets an hour) and ended with my skin looking fab after lots of enjoyable polishing and peeling. She’s a huge fan of Exuviance and used several products in my treatment, like the Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish, which I was already using almost weekly. It’s one of my favourite skincare brands too, because the ingredients are brilliant and I think the products do a pretty good job. 

So, Pam wanted me to put all other lotions and potions to the side and dedicate myself to the Exuviance regime she created for me. For the next month all I used on my skin (beside sunscreen and a balm cleanser in the evenings for a double cleanse) was: Clarifying Facial Cleanser followed by Skin Rise Bionic Tonic and Age Reverse Hydrafirm in the morning, then Vespera Serum and more Hydrafirm in the evening.

After about two weeks I started to notice my skin looked smoother, brighter and just… better somehow. I hadn’t really thought about the texture of my skin before but now it was refined and tighter. My skin basically just got healthier looking pretty quickly and I stopped wearing foundation because my face honestly looked better without it.

But the thing that really surprised me was that the very annoying patch of acne on my chin that has been there in varying degrees since forever, actually cleared up. About three weeks in the whole area was clear and a few acne scars were even starting to fade. I haven’t found anything that works as well on my spots. Sure enough, now that I’ve used up a few of the products I’m breaking out again. I think it was the Skin Rise that really targeted the acne – single use pads saturated in a cocktail of bionic acids, antioxidants, cucumber, green tea and lots of other good things. Pam told me she has to make big orders of these for the salon because her clients swear by them and get a bit jittery when they run out. I can see why, and I think I may now be one such client.